• In order to be fair to everyone, we will not hold dates until a deposit is received to secure that date.
  • Murder Mystery Packages at the Foxford Lodge; A €100 deposit will secure the date which is then deducted off the balance payable on the date booked. A €20 deposit from all participants is required within 10 days. All deposits are non refundable once we set your GAME. (this is usually one week before your arrival)
  • Murder Mystery Game & Facilitator only; At a Venue picked by you Deposit of €150 Required.
    IF YOU CANCEL you forfeit the deposit as that Date is held exclusively for you which means no other bookings can be taken.


For Murder Mystery Game & Facilitator only; one facilitator is required for groups of up to 40 people. Groups greater than 40 people require a second facilitator. To ensure and enjoyable event for everyone, a game will not proceed for groups where over 40 people arrive when only 1 facilitator has been booked.


The ‘more the merrier’ saying is true with Murder Mystery games! The larger the group, the more fun involved. Prices quoted are for groups of 12+ people. We reserve the right to combine groups of less than 12 people with another group(s) for the Murder Mystery Game.

If, however, a group of less than 12 people prefer their own game, this can be accommodated at an agreed rate.

Note: Terms & conditions may change, be altered or amended without notice.